Vulnerability as strength: Thoughts on changing medicine’s hidden curriculum

My most recent post at Absolutely, Maybe is up. Here's an excerpt: I recently read this article in Health Affairs regarding the effects of the hidden curriculum on patient safety and, in my usual fashion, have been thinking about it ever since. Dr Joshua Liao describes an experience he had as a medical student on labor and delivery, …

How is it that life gets under our skin?

So, there's a little bit of a lull here, but for good reason! I'm guest-blogging over at Hilda Bastian's blog, Absolutely Maybe, this month. I'll be discussing medicine and uncertainty, race and trauma, and anything else that comes to mind. For now, though, check out the first post - an introductory interview.

Words to come, eventually

This PhD comic describes what I am currently trying (but failing) to do, which is write cohesive, coherent papers that don't ramble on for 30 pages. As such, blogging will begin after the new year, when I am no longer sick of the written word. Happy holidays!