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MD/PhD, Anthropology
University of Pennsylvania, PA; expected 2020

BS, Interdisciplinary Studies (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology), Anthropology
College of William and Mary, VA; 2011; magna cum laude

Awards, Grants & Fellowships

2017 – 2018    Perry World House Graduate Fellow, Program on Global Shifts, Urbanization, Migration, and Demography, University of Pennsylvania

2017                Graduate and Professional Student Association Research Travel Grant, University of Pennsylvania

2016 – 2017    Hopkinson Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania

2016                Martin Luther King Community Involvement Student Award, University of Pennsylvania

2016 – 2017    Dissertation Research Fellowship Fieldwork Grant, University of Pennsylvania

2015 – 2016    Judith and William Bollinger Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

2014 – 2015    Emerging Leaders in Science and Society Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

2013 – 2021    Medical Scientist Training Program Grant, National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the NIH, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

2013 – 2017    Benjamin Franklin Fellowship for Graduate Education, University of Pennsylvania

2011                Phi Beta Kappa, College of William and Mary

2011                Gamble Scholarship (full tuition), University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

2010                UNCF-Merck Undergraduate Science and Research Scholarship Award

2007                Murray Scholarship (now 1693 Scholarship), College of William & Mary

2010              UNCF•Merck Undergraduate Science and Research Scholarship Award




Dao DK*, Goss AL*, Hoekzema AS*, Kelly LA*, Logan AA*, Mehta SD*, Sandesara UN*, Munyikwa MR, DeLisser HM. (2017) “Integrating Theory, Content, and Method to Foster Critical Consciousness in Medical Students: A Comprehensive Model for Cultural Competence Training”. Academic Medicine. (*co-first authors)

Munyikwa, MR. Review: Anthropology of Infectious Disease by Merrill Singer. (2015) Emerging Infectious Diseases 21(10): 1890.

Flowers BM, Rusnak LE, Wong KE, Banks DA, Munyikwa MR, et al. (2014) The Pseudophosphatase MK-STYX Induces Neurite-Like Outgrowths in PC12 Cells. PLoS ONE 9(12): e114535. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0114535

Barr, Justinn; Munyikwa, Michelle; Frazier, Elizabeth; Hinton, Shanta. (2012) The Pseudophosphatase MK-STYX Inhibits Stress Granule Assembly Independently of Ser149 Phosphorylation of G3BP-1. FEBS Journal.

Bondzi, C., Brunner, A. M., Munyikwa, M. R., Connor, C. D., Simmons, A. N., Stephens, S. L., Belt, P. A., Roggero, V. R., Mavinakere, M. S., Hinton, S. D., and Allison, L.A. (2011) Recruitment of the oncoprotein v-ErbA to aggresomes. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology.

Non-peer reviewed articles and blog posts:

Munyikwa, MR. “Racialization, Affect, and Refuge.” Anthropology News. February 2017.

ELISS Fellows*. “Reimagining Epidemic Communications”. DomPrep Journal, December 16, 2015.  (*Erion, Grubert, Mosbah, Munyikwa, Paul, Train; all authors contributed equally)

Munyikwa, MR. “(Hi)stories our bodies tell: Experiencing racism”. Guest post on Absolutely, Maybe, A Scientific American Blog. March 9, 2014.

Munyikwa, MR. “Vulnerability as Strength: Thoughts on Changing Medicine’s Hidden Curriculum”. Guest post on Absolutely, Maybe, a Scientific American Blog. February 19, 2014.

Munyikwa, MR. “Out from the shadows of racist anthropology.” Guest post on Absolute, Maybe, a Scientific American Blog. February 22, 2014.


Analyst: Topos Partnership. Performed short-term qualitative field studies on key issues in the political landscape, such as labor reform and gender equality.

Research Assistant: Enrichment for Better Health (PIs: Meera Siddarth, MD and Mary Fabio, MD). Qualitative field-based interview study of nutrition and food insecurity in three refugee populations in Philadelphia.

Research Assistant: Investigation and Characterization of the Pseudophosphatase MK-STYX (PI: Shanta Hinton, PhD – College of William and Mary Department of Biology)  Investigated the action of a novel protein, MK-STYX upon stress granules and the differentiation of neuronal cells. This research was the subject of a culminating undergraduate thesis. Click here to read the final product.

Research Intern: Merck Future Talent Program, Boston MA  (PI: Astrid Kral, Merck Research Laboratories Department of Oncology)   Assisted in purification and biochemical characterization of mutated enzymes key in cancer development. These enzymes were then used to test potential chemotherapeutic inhibitors.

Research Assistant: Recruitment of the Oncoprotein v-ErbA to Aggresomes (PI: Lizabeth Allison, PhD – College of William and Mary Department of Biology)  

Selected Scholarly Participation

Invited Lectures

2017                Invited Lecturer, “Refugees in Philadelphia,” Central High School. Philadelphia, PA. March 2017.

2015                Invited Panelist. The Voices: Black Girls and Women Speaking Out at the Summit on Black Girls and Women in Education. Philadelphia, PA. April 2015.

Panels Organized

2017                “(under)exposed: ethnographic investigations of racialized recognition, refusal, and elision.” Panel co-organized with Sara Rendell for the American Ethnological Society Conference on the theme “Exposure.” Stanford, CA. March 2017

Papers and Posters Presented

2017                “Resilient communities, resilient city: Risk, refugees, and race in Philadelphia.” Accepted for presentation at the American Anthropological Association 116th Annual Meeting on the theme “Anthropology matters”. Washington, DC. November 2017.

2017                “Political Diagnosis: Illness Narratives as a Site for Resistance.” Workshop co-presented with Sourik Beltràn at the 4th Annual Racism and Health Conference, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. November 2017.

2017                “Racializing Refugees: On Medical Practice & Research.” 2017 Meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science. Boston, MA. August 2017.

2017                “Freedom Dreams: Thinking Refuge as an Imaginative Tool for the Anthropocene.” An Ecotopian Toolkit for the Anthropocene, conference at the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. April 2017.

2017                “Refugees and the Emergency Room.” Poster presented at Health Equity Week, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. April 2017.

2017                “’I Just call 911…’: Refugees and the Emergency Department.” Co-presented with Amy Zeidan and Utsha Khatri at Emergency Medicine Research Day, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. April 2017.

2017                “‘it’s a sin to be a woman, to be black’: on asylum and difference.” American Ethnological Society Conference on the theme “Exposure”. Stanford, CA. March 2017.

2016                “‘Making a Difference’: Imagining Humanitarianism in Philadelphia.” American Anthropological Association 115th Annual Meeting on the theme “Evidence, Accident & Discovery”. Minneapolis, MN. November 2016.

2016                “Toward a Decolonial Practice of Refugee Women’s Health.” National Women’s Studies Association Meeting on the theme “Decoloniality.” Montreal, Quebec, CA. November 2016.

2016                “Seeking Refuge: Black Americans Seeking the Otherwise.” New School for Social Research, Anthropology Student Conference on the theme “Refuge.” New York, NY. April 30.

2016                “Refuge from Blackness: On the Case of Kyle Lydell Canty.” University of Pennsylvania Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Conference on the theme “Protest.” Philadelphia, PA. April 21.

2014                “Writing Our Worlds: Creating Narratives for Social Justice.” Co-presented with Irène Mathieu at Examined Life Conference. Iowa City, Iowa.

Training & Professional Development

2017                Python for Humanists, University of Pennsylvania Price Lab/Wolf Humanities Center

2014                NSF Summer Institute for Research Design in Cultural Anthropology

2012                LGBT Health Student Symposium, Chicago


Instructor of Record

2018                Introduction to Medical Anthropology, Haverford College

Teaching Assistantships

2015                Global Health, Anthropological Perspectives, University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Adriana Petryna

2015                Becoming Human, University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Janet Monge

2014                Introduction to Medical Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Fran Barg

2013                Facilitator. Doctoring IA: Introduction to Medicine and Society, Perelman School of Medicine

Other positions

2015 – 2017    Graduate Fellow. Center for Africana Studies Summer Institute for Pre-Freshmen, University of Pennsylvania

2014 – 2015    Course Liaison/Co-Director. Doctoring IA: Introduction to Medicine and Society, Perelman School of Medicine


2017 – pres.     Contributing Section Editor. Association of Black Anthropologists Section, Anthropology News, American Anthropological Association.

2016 – pres.     Health Ecologies Lab Core Team Member. University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice and Slought; director: Aaron Levy, PhD.

2017                Volunteer Health Educator. Multicultural Community Family Services, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

2015 – pres.     Co-webmaster. Penn Anthropology Graduate Student Blog.

2015                Co-organizer. 6th National Conference for Physician-Scholars in the Social Sciences and Humanities

2014 – 2016    Student Volunteer Co-Coordinator. Women’s Refugee Clinic, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2014 – pres.     Student Volunteer. Penn Human Rights Clinic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2011 – 2012    Co-Coordinator. Cut Hypertension Clinic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.